Jamie Geller (she/heer/hers)

Jamie Geller, a compassionate and skilled social worker who has dedicated her career to helping adolescents and young adults overcome mental and physical health challenges. With a Master of Social Work degree from The Silberman School of Social Work, Jamie has extensive experience working with individuals who have faced trauma and helping them develop coping strategies to heal and move forward.

During her time in the foster care system, Jamie worked tirelessly as part of a case planning team to coordinate care, conduct psychosocial reports, and provide consultations on psychiatric evaluations. Her strengths-based, trauma-informed approach to working with clients has proven to be invaluable in helping those in need to process and overcome traumatic experiences.

In addition to her work with trauma, Jamie has also worked extensively with individuals on the Autism Spectrum, providing assessments and administering The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule- Second Edition (ADOS-2) to help individuals receive a clear diagnosis. Whether she is working with those on the Autism Spectrum or those facing other challenges, Jamie strives to help clients improve their communication patterns and navigate the difficulties they may be facing to create meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

Through her dedication and unwavering commitment to her clients, Jamie has proven herself to be a valuable asset to the social work community. She is a compassionate advocate who brings her extensive knowledge, skills, and expertise to every client she works with.