Taylor Lewensohn (she/her/hers)

Taylor Lewensohn is a compassionate and skilled licensed clinical social worker who has been making a positive impact in the lives of her clients for several years. She received her Master of Social Work degree from the Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service in 2016 and has since developed a diverse range of experience in the field.

One of Taylor’s specialties is working with at-risk, court-ordered adolescents in residential facilities. She has helped countless young people navigate the complex emotions and challenges that often arise in these settings, providing them with the support they need to develop positive coping mechanisms and thrive despite their circumstances.

In addition to her work with adolescents, Taylor has also worked with clients of all ages who are dealing with a wide range of mental health issues. Whether she is working with someone struggling with anxiety, depression, severe mental illness, substance use, chronic stress, or family discord, Taylor utilizes a variety of evidence-based techniques to help her clients feel safe, validated, and heard.

Taylor is particularly adept at using mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to help her clients work through their emotions and life experiences. Through these techniques, she empowers her clients to take control of their thoughts and feelings and develop the skills they need to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives.

Through her unwavering dedication to her clients and her commitment to ongoing professional development, Taylor has established herself as a respected and valuable member of the social work community. Her expertise and compassion have made a meaningful difference in the lives of those she has worked with, and she continues to inspire and uplift those around her.